Located in -  4th Floor,Buliding A,Hongdu Industrial Park ,Fanshen Road, Bao'an , Shenzhen,China

•Year Established-2005

•Factory Size -1800sqm area

•Asse Assembly Line(s) (Capacity per line): 30000pcs/month):

longvitech Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of Consumer Electronics as well as a technology innovator in this field in China. It is comprised of two business divisions     Car Electronics (including Bluetooth Car Kit, Smartphone Car Holder, Car Charger, Car FM Transmitter), and other electronic accessories (Mouse, Bluetooth Dongle, Bluetooth Headphone).

All of Longvitech’s vertically integrated activities, including design, tooling, assembly, and packaging, are carried out according to the processes and procedures developed as part of its ISO 9001 certification. The company re-invests a large percentage of its profits into new state-of-the-art production equipment in order to maintain the highest levels of quality and efficiency in its manufacturing operations while expanding output capacity.
The company has 4 missions and commitments to its customers: 
    1、Providing the largest collection of products for customer’s selection.
    2、Supply high quality goods at competitive price.
    3、Arranging prompt and efficient delivery.
    4、Aiming at customer’s full satisfaction.

In the last decades, the company has successfully established an extensive international network of Consumer Electronics supplies and a diversified customer base with embraces almost every corner of the world. Its main customers or customers’ brands are:  iSound;  Radio Shack;  E & B;  Uniglory;  Manhattan;  Promate;  Trendnet;  Conrad;  Maplin etc.